About Our Telescopic Umbrellas

Telescopic umbrella is a type of umbrella with eight aluminum profiles that cafes and restaurants frequently prefer outdoors. It is produced with and without chimney system according to preference.
Your telescopic umbrella with chimney system provides air evacuation and facilitates its use in the wind. Its mechanism is specially designed by our company and has been working smoothly for many years. The internal mechanism has a mirror spur gear system and a device that prevents stretching when opening and closing your umbrella is used.
Your telescopic umbrella is manufactured according to your preference as imported acrylic or polyester fabric. Imported acrylic fabric weighs 350 grams per m/2 and has water repellent properties. Imported acrylic fabric is guaranteed not to fade for 5 years. Polyester fabric is acrylic coated and water resistant.
The plastic connection devices used in our fabrics are uniquely designed and made of the highest quality plastic raw materials.